Keep your iPod locked down with the Pod Safe

Even though technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate these days, for some uses you can't beat old standbys. Apparently bike locks are one of those standbys, as this Secure-It Pod Safe uses that same method in its bid to keep your iPod locked down and out of thieves' hands. Connecting to the bottom of your iPod, the Pod Safe will connect to any solid object (or belt loop, if you're paranoid of pickpockets) and secure it there until someone with wire cutters comes along. It won't render the iPod unplayable when attached, so you can keep it connected to your person while you're walking around for peace of mind. Even if a thief does somehow make it off with your iPod, you can at least be satisfied knowing they won't be able to charge it, as that's where the lock connects. The Pod Safe is available now for $40.

Pod Safe, via Popgadget