iScorch: convenience or sign of the Apocalypse?

Oh man bro, so I was totally seeing Dave Matthews play at Giants Stadium, and during that one song… you know, the kind of generic one, with the fiddle? Anyways, I wanted to hold my lighter up high and let Dave and the boys know that I was totally feeling it. But it turns out I cashed all my lighter fluid trying to light my dad's hibachi in the parking lot, so no dice! I wish I had the iScorch on my iPod, it would have been totally clutch. It's just a video of a lighter that you can put on your iPod, then hold up your iPod and not worry about burning your fingers because you've had one too many Amstel Lights. It's a double-whammy, dude: not only do you get to raise a flame of appreciation, but you also get to show off your iPod even more blatantly than by wearing the white earbuds! The best part is that it's totally free, saving money that can then be spent on more polo shirts from Hollister. Check it out!

iScorch, via Uberreview