Green Wi-Fi uses solar power to bring the Web to developing countries

There's been a big push to bring technology to third-world countries, with the One Laptop Per Child $100 laptop program getting quite a bit of media attention. However, once we get these cheap laptops into the hands of people in developing nations, how are they supposed to connect to the Internet? Green Wi-Fi to the rescue. A new startup partially funded by One Laptop Per Child, Green Wi-Fi plans to bring cheap, solar-powered Wi-Fi networks to developing countries. By using solar power to run the router, the Green Wi-Fi setup is able to function in countries with no or unreliable power. By configuring the router to limit access when power levels are low, it can run for up to a month in low sunlight. The first implementation of the programs equipment is set to happen at the end of the summer in India, and the company hopes to provide access points to other areas after that.

Green Wi-Fi, via CNet