Eons is like MySpace, but way more depressing

Jeff Taylor, founder of monster.com, thinks he has the key to creating a MySpace for the baby boomer set: rather than focusing on classmates and bands, he'll focus on people's inherent fear of death and interest in the deaths of others. Yes, he's launching eons.com, the most unsettling social networking site on the web (well, besides The Hub). Featuring death alerts and an obituary database, the site will focus on things older people are interested in, such as sudoku and getting really sad when realizing all their friends are dying. Users will also be able to pre-plan their own funerals, selecting things such as the music to be played (Dr. Dre) and the place the family goes afterwards for food and drink (Hooters). This all might seem pretty morbid, but hey, deaths in the United States rose to 2.4 million in 2005 from 2.2 million in 2000. As Taylor says, "the death business is growing." Now who wants ice cream?