Earphones, earrings merge to create new species

Talk about fashion forward: Korean company EarMecca has worked out a way to cross the DNA of an earring with that of an earphone, creating a new breed of ear bling. These freaky "earringphones" almost defy gadget taxonomy, but now that they've infected the Far East, there's little doubt they'll someday spread their stealthily rockin' fashion to North America. If you snag yourself a pair, you'll unfortunately still have wires snaking down from your ears — at least until Bluetooth models become available — but at least you can pick from 11 different colors for your rings' tone, and the ring part is finished in gold or silver. And if you're worried about the safety of having so much stuff attaching to your earlobes, these hybrids appear to be clip-on earrings, so no worries if your headphone cord snags on anything. EarMecca's accessory consolidation may not be as comfy as a pair of Bose phones, but with the cords hidden in your jacket, people will have to do a double take to see if you're listening to your iPod.

EarMecca, via Cool Hunting