Carousel Microwave: nuking gets dramatic

Winston Chai was definitely thinking out of the box when he came up with his design for the Carousel Microwave, basing it on an oval shape rather than the traditional rectangle. Which makes total sense, actually, since microwaves generally spin their contents while cooking, not to mention that plates and food tend to be pretty circular. Peepholes on both sides of the sleek appliance let you examine your meal before it's done, and it'll even play music as it nukes your chow. To keep the exterior modernly austere, Chai designed the control panel to be hidden behind the door, so all you see is a bright pink time readout on the outside. As with any microwave, you need only open the door to stop it. And just to keep things appropriately dramatic, the interior lights up from the bottom, ensuring your nachos will always make quite an entrance. Sadly, the Carousel looks like just a concept right now, but if any of you manufacturers want a crack, how about adding some smart tech while you're at it?

Via Yanko Design