C6 garage: your pimped out Civic isn't worthy

If you're gonna plunk down an exorbitant amount of money on a futuristic car like the Tesla Roadster, you can't store it in a standard car hole. No, it's place is not amongst the rakes, lawnmowers, and tangled garden hoses of your garage; it needs a home that respects its value. Try this "designer" garage: the C6, designed by Neutral for Citroen. Looking like no garage I've ever seen, the C6 looks more like something you'd park a spaceship in. It features sliding doors on the sides that allow for you to drive in from the front or rear, and the transparent plates that make up the doors feature built-in LCDs that turn opaque at the flip of a switch. A garage like this doesn't run cheap: over $213,000, to be more precise. But hey, if you're already dropping $100,000 on a hot electric roadster, what's another $200,000 for a classy place to park it?

Via Gizmag