Breathalyzer watch tells the time, drunkenness

If you want to be able to tell how drunk you are with a more accurate method than counting how many times you tell your friends you love them, this breathalyzer watch should do the trick. Able to tell you exactly how intoxicated you are in a single breath, the watch is meant to make you realize how bad an idea it would be for you to get behind the wheel when you've been drinking. I don't recommend the opposite use, which is competing with your friends to see who can blow the highest blood alcohol level. The watch also has the added benefit of being able to tell you hot late it is and how little sleep you're going to get because you've stayed out way too late. So in a nutshell, this watch exists to make your bad habits that much more clear to you. Perhaps if you were to combine it with the Sleeptracker you could balance out that lifestyle of yours. It'll be available later this month for $100.

Breathalyzer Watch, via Gizmodo