Bose announces great-sounding, wallet-murdering computer speakers

Bose has just announced a new set of computer speakers for gamers and movie enthusiasts who don't feel like dealing with the hassle of a full surround sound setup for their computer. While most surround sound setups for a computer require four or five speakers, a subwoofer, and a sophisticated sound card, the Bose Companion 5 Multimedia System has just two speakers and a subwoofer — no sound card necessary. Connecting instead via USB, the system will make that nice SoundBlaster Audigy 4 that came with your tower a complete waste. However, if you're building your computer with these speakers in mind, it's a good way to take a bit of money off the price of your tower — at least if you forget for a moment that you're planning to drop $400 on a set of computer speakers. Anyhow, the two main speakers are designed to replicate surround sound, sending audio far to the right or left of the speakers and really filling the room. We sat down with them today and can attest to the fact that they really do a great job of creating the illusion of a wide soundstage and multichannel sound. However, with the price at 400 bucks, you could easily buy a great sound card and a really nice five-speaker setup that doesn't need any trickery to sound like it's surround sound, as it's, you know, actually surrounding you. These would be a great buy for half the price, but you'd have to really hate sound cards to put down that kind of cash for a 2.1-speaker system, no matter how nice it sounds. They'll be available starting on September 7th for people who will pay anything just because it says Bose on it.