Bluetooth retro handset: Go wireless, visit 1935

We're definitely big fans of Bluetooth headsets, but their high-tech wireless abilities occasionally make us wax nostalgic about the days of big, gloss-finished receivers. Hulger's Bluetooth Penelope*Phone gives the contemporary wireless technology a little retro chic. Yeah, it's not exactly hands-free, but after pairing the receiver with your cell phone, you'll be able to take calls up to 10 feet away. Since that'll probably look a bit silly when you're out and about, it's probably best used as a cordless handset for the home, with your mobile docked wherever you get the best signal. But if an old-school handset with no cord seems pretty weird to you, the Penelope*Phone also comes as a corded model, with Hulger offering all sorts of adapters for various cell phones — there's even one for VoIP users. And extra bonus for the Bluetooth model: Since the headset wasn't built to be slim and sexy, its battery life is excellent: 5 hours of talk time or 180 standby. It can be yours in black, ivory, or maroon for $160, although the site says Hulger's out of stock at the moment. Busy gal, that Penelope.

Hulger, via MoCo Loco