Backpack plays music, accepts calls, carries stuff

While messenger bags and even, yes, man purses seem to be the fashionable way for a guy on the go to carry his belongings these days, don't count out the old high school standby — the backpack. It still has a few tricks up its sleeve, contrary to popular belief. Just check out this AMP Pocket Backpack, which comes with built-in speakers and cell phone attachments, allowing you to listen to music and receive calls on the go without actually needing to open your bag. By sticking four AA batteries into your backpack, it will gain the power to charge and play your music player of choice, with controls on the shoulder strap for easy access. When you receive a phone call you can answer it through the built-in speakers and microphone, pausing the music so you can talk. There's also a padded compartment for a laptop and one for sunglasses as well. While I am pretty opposed to the public playing of music through any device, be it a backpack or a sun visor, if you have no sense of shame this is a pretty neat way for you to carry your stuff around. The AMP Pocket Backpack is available online now for $130.

AMP Pocket Backpack, via Gizmos for Geeks