ArtDio VoIP speaker: hands-free Skype calls

Looking kind of like an Apple Airport that's lost its head, ArtDio's SS-100 VoIP speaker let's you go hands-free for all your calling via Skype or whatever VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service you use. When a call comes in, just hit the Answer button, hitting it again when it's time to say goodbye — nice and simple, just like the VIVOphone VoiceKey. Echo cancellation and noise suppression processing will do their best to ensure you come through loud and clear no matter how much construction is going on outside your apartment window. You can also play music over the SS-100, albeit only in mono, but at least it knows enough to pause your music when you're taking a call. What would be even cooler is if it would play you songs for the people you put on hold, letting all your conversation partners in on whatever Megadeth album your listening to right now. I'm sure they'd really appreciate that.

ArtDio, via Chip Chick