Zooop car: look like a dork, speed like a demon

Pretty much camera-ready for a cameo in the next Steven Speilberg movie, the Zooop is everything you'd want in a car from the future, minus the coolness. Its round orange chassis may lull you into thinking the Zooop is just a brighter-colored version of other, slothlike attempts at electric vehicles, but these wheels were built for speed: thanks to the 150-kW AC Propulsion drive train, it's capable of zooming ("zoooping"?) along at 112 mph, stopping to recharge every 280 miles. Unveiled at last month's Michelin Challenge Bibendum in Paris, the Zooop isn't the product of an automaker; it was conceived by fashion designers at Maison de Courrèges. Somehow, I'm not surprised in the least. The model that raced at the Michelin event was a prototype, so you probably won't be able to test drive one anytime soon. But maybe someday in the future bright-orange gasoline-free cruising will be available to dorkwads everywhere. You pals in their Priuses may giggle, but at least you won't be able to hear the laughter as you blow by them in your Zooop.

gizmag and Michelin, via The Cool Hunter