Walk on water? Pshaw! Now you can write on it

If you thought using a skywriter to propose to your girlfriend was a clever way of spelling something out, take a look at this. Researchers at Akishima Laboratories have developed a way to spell out words and draw pictures on the surface of a pool by using 50 wave generators. The generators create "pixels" in the water and combine them to create the letters. Earlier versions of the pool had trouble creating straight lines and took up to 15 minutes to input each letter. This latest version, however, handles Ks and Ls with ease and takes between 15 and 30 seconds to input each letter. I'm not sure if and when this sort of thing will be available to impress the hell out of your neighbors in your backyard pool, but it's sure to be extremely expensive if it ever does get a commercial release.

Via Gizmowatch