VirtuSphere: enter virtual reality, have a ball

Part virtual-reality controller, part hamster ball, the VirtuSphere is a new attempt to make total immersion in video games possible. By sticking the player inside a giant sphere, it allows a player to walk or run without ever running into pesky walls. Equipped with a wireless, head-mounted display, I expect the experience would probably not be exactly like real life, but a notch or two above Nintendo's failed Virtual Boy. Not just for video games, the VirtuSphere has been used for such disparate causes as helping promote tourism to Moscow and enticing the Olympic Committee to select Moscow as the site of the 2012 games. How are those things working out, guys? Well, perhaps the VirtuSphere will find a happier home here in the states, where it would be considered a relatively reasonably priced controller for the PS3. As to be expected, something this gigantic and ludicrous doesn't have a list price, but if you want one (and live in Russia, apparently), get in touch for a custom quote.