Triple Watch Cell Phone: talk to the wrist

It's a mobile phone. It's a watch. It's a desk clock. It's really a bit too bulky to be any of those (well, except maybe the desk clock) from the looks of it, but we have to give the Triple Watch Cell Phone props for having a decent idea. With cell phones weighing down our already crowded pockets and handbags — and with the fashion police cracking down on belt clips — combining your mobile with your wristwatch is a pretty fine plan. Plus you get to play Dick Tracy in speaker-phone mode, conversing with your wrist and hanging up without ever unfolding the gadget. Of course, Bluetooth is a given. But, hey, we might as well throw in a holographic heads-up display, too, since the triple changer is just a concept right now, conceived by Manon Maneenawa. There would have to be some pretty significant jumps in battery tech to get the design small enough to be something we'd want to wear, but with an OLED screen to keep the phone's display flexible (and foldable), a smaller version of the TWCP could take wrists by storm.

Mobile Fanatic, via This Next