Timesphere clock looks cool, sort of tells time

If you like your timepieces to be simple yet still stand out on your wall, this Timesphere clock should fit the bill nicely (not to be confused with that other Timesphere clock). Designed by industrial designer Gideon Dagan, It features a little ball that appears to roll around the clock — seemingly defying gravity — telling you what time it is. Well, sort of telling you what time it is; there's only one ball, and it's not super clear if it just tells you the hour or the minutes or what. Oh, minimalist designers! Always looking for that balance of form and function. Seems like the balance is a bit off with this one, but as long as you don't mind sort of guessing at the time, the form of this clock is pretty slick. It's available online at the MoMA store for 48 bucks.

Timesphere Clock, via Ployer