Tesla Motors unveils world's sexiest electric car

Has the Jetsons-evoking Zooop electric car got you fired up for an elecric vehicle, just not one so dorky? 21st Century automaker Tesla Motors is way ahead of you, working tirelessly on its Roadster: a sports car that can go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds — and is 100% electric. You have to plug it in for a recharge every 250 miles or so, but it's a small sacrifice for something that gets an equivalent of 135 miles per gallon.

Retail models won't be out until 2007, but some A-list Californians — including one Governator of note — got a chance to test drive a Tesla Roadster recently, and the event was covered by those wild car fanatics over at Jalopnik, who describe the torque as "unbelievable" (italics all theirs). I think they're impressed.

Like the Zooop, the Tesla electric car uses an drive train from AC Propulsion, which charges up fully in 3½ hours from a garage charger, but can also get power from a regular ol' wall outlet — albeit at a much slower rate. And the powertrain… ah, who cares? Just look at how hot this car looks, man! Eco-friendly speed freaks with about $100k to burn will be able to get theirs starting next summer.

Jalopnik, via Gizmodo