Steam-powered computer, from the good ol' days

If you fondly recall riding the rails in your youth, debating the merits of Teddy Roosevelt and his cockamamie Panama Canal plan, you are probably very, very old. Because you grew up in a simpler time, computers and the Internet are in all likelihood scary and intimidating things to you, and you've steered clear of them. Since your grandson presumably printed this out for you, we're glad we got your attention, because perhaps this steam-powered computer will make the whole computing age seem a bit more familiar and approachable. The Steam Powered Internet Machine was created by award-winning artist Jeremy Deller in order to showcase the connection between the industrial and digital revolutions. In any case, it's probably the only computer around that spits out thick clouds of black smoke while you're trying to check your Gmail. Obviously, you can't (and, let's be honest, wouldn't want to) buy a Steam Powered Internet Machine, but if you'd like to check it out for yourself it will be on display in the U.K. at the Kent County Show in Detling from July 14 to 16 and at the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital Summer Fete in Margate on August 5.

The Guardian, via We Make Money Not Art