Sangria speakers: 12% rocking per volume

Giving the iBar a run for its money as today's most bizarre drink-related gadget is this set of "sangria" speakers, created by indie winemaker Carlo Rossi. All his wines are bottled in glass jugs, and we guess one day after downing too much white zinfandel he came up with some creative ways of reusing the empties, including building a few of them into a 7.1-channel speaker system. Carving up seven sangria jugs, slapping on some drivers, and then adding a little neon, Rossi finally cracked the code behind combining acoustics with excessive drinking. The spec sheet (!) for the system starts off by saying the jugs' round interiors "make great woofers" (hmm… dubious, but possible) but then backpedals by saying they're "more 'art' than 'fidelity'." The speakers probably work, but we suspect they'd sound best after emptying a few jugs yourself. We can't tell if Rossi's serious most of the time, but his site's a riot to browse (check out the jug overload that is the Chardonnay Chandelier), and it's not like we're going to buy a Sangria system anyway. No, we're going to make one.

Carlo Rossi, via Yanko Design