Robobar doesn't want tips, just world domination

In good news for boozehounds and bad news for bartenders, it seems that robots have learned to tend bar. Yes, the Robobar by Motoman is a fully robotic bartender that pours perfect drinks every time, without any of the annoying tendencies of real bartenders like fatigue, making mistakes, needing money, loving, laughing, or interacting with other people. Yes, running on only 30 cents of electricity per hour, the Robobar proves that robots are designed to be our tireless slaves, never needing tips or encouragement. It will never comp its friends free drinks, because robots don't have friends, which is super convenient. One has to wonder if something like this will ever really catch on. Yes, it's cheap for bar owners and kind of a cool novelty, but can you really imagine hanging out at a bar with some insane robotic machine making all the drinks, especially if that insane machine was wearing a tuxedo vest? I prefer rude, surly, and human bartenders, thank you very much. Perhaps Motoman can develop a robot alcoholic to patronize the Robobar, cutting us humans out of it altogether. The Robobar is available now, but you'll need to contact Motoman directly for pricing info and plan on never seeing our faces at your bar again.

Robobar, via Coolest Gadgets