Open Labs' musical keyboard picks up a PC

The trend in digital music creation over the past few years has been to use software-based systems that work with you PC, but the downside is that you typically needed to bring your computer along anytime you were working on your music or had a big gig. Your laptop can stay at home if you have Open Labs' new keyboard workstation, though, since it has its own built-in. The new Neko SE (Standard Edition) workstation features a complete PC that includes a 3.0-GHz Intel P4 processor with a 15-inch color LCD touchscreen and a 250-GB hard drive to help bring out your inner digital Mozart. You can back up your completed opus and burn copies of works in progress with the built-in DVD recorder. And not only do you get a full six-octave musical keyboard, but a full QWERTY controller is also provided. At $3,595, the Neko SE doesn't come cheap but it can practically turn your living room in a personal home studio. Even at that price however, talent and inspiration are not included.