Mouse with LCD screen: perfect for… um, yeah

Ticking "useless mouse enhancement" off our lists for this week is the LogiNoki, a computer mouse modified to sport an LCD screen. Working tirelessly to modify a Logitech G5 mouse, Jani Pönkkö was so inspired by gaming keyboards with screens that he felt the need to add a 132 x 132-pixel, 1-frame-per-second screen to the top of his trusty point-and-click peripheral. And he'd be damned if he was going to let a simple fact like the palm of your hand would cover up the screen most of the time, rendering it useless, get in his way. Then again, if you're a serious keyboard-only gamer, I could see the screen mouse possibly coming in handy, showing some kind of key game stat (rounds left in your warp-plasma bazooka, for example) while you hammer away on the space bar with both hands. The LogiNoki was a one-shot project by Pönkkö, so don't look for it in stores, but his step-by-step account of the process should serve as a decent guide if you feel like giving your own mouse a little screen time.

Metku Mods, via Oh Gizmo!