Monopoly ditches cash, ruins childhood memories

Remember playing Monopoly as a kid? Getting scammed on a lousy deal by your weasely dad is a rite of passage, as is having to hand over stacks of precious orange $100 bills after falling victim to his cruel hotel empire. Well, apparently your memories are outdated. This is the 21st century! No one uses cash anymore, it isn't extreme or flashy enough. At least that's what Parker Brothers says, as it's phasing out cash from its Monopoly sets, replacing it with an electronic debit card system. On the one hand, no one will get screwed and have to be the banker for the whole game, but on the other hand this makes it impossible to hide a $500 "rainy day fund" under the ottoman. Parker Brothers claims this is merely showing the game is "moving with the times," but if they're getting rid of cash why stop there? Anyone who's been to the boardwalk at Atlantic City can tell you it is pretty much the opposite of the most expensive piece of property on the board, and anyone who would build a hotel there is just crazy. And while we're at it, who wears top hats anymore? If you're going to do it, Parker Brothers, do it right.

Via Engadget