Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's that sneaking around my garden?

If you live in a huge, ostentatious house, a security system is a necessity to keep your family and precious bling safe. But why settle for a boring gray panel in the wall when you could have an animated butler tell you of security alerts… from a mirror? Yes, just like in Snow White, you can receive valuable information (other than how much you've let yourself go) from a mirror. Just hang it on your wall and it will just appear to be a normal, unassuming mirror until someone pulls into your driveway — then Basil of the Mirror will appear and tell you all about what's happening. Created by Craig Barr, whose past work includes the King Kong ride at Universal Studios, the Magic Message Mirror is aimed at a pretty high-end market. There's no pricing available, but one has to assume that a theme park-worthy magic mirror connected to a home security system isn't gonna be cheap.

Magic Message Mirror, via Engadget