Microwave with your iPod for cheap, melty tunes

Target, the Wal-Mart that it isn't taboo to shop at, knows what its customers like. Spending millions on market research to figure out exactly what consumers do daily that could be improved by purchasing new products at Target, they've figured out the perfect combo of items to get you reaching for your wallet. One of their latest flashes of brilliance is this bundle of an 800-watt microwave with an iPod table radio. Yes, microwave and iPod, together at last. Nuke some burritos while rocking out to the new Madonna album — it's just too perfect. Now I personally wouldn't keep my iPod all that close to a microwave just for safety's sake, although 800 watts makes for a woefully underpowered microwave. That's less juice then the admittedly wussy smart microwave, without any of the brains that makes that one worth owning. Well, for only $60 for both the dock and the oven I suppose you get what you pay for.

Target, via Shiny Shiny