LG's curvy MP3 player performs 'music therapy'

It has the goods and the looks to be a decent sports MP3 player, but LG must have known its MFFM20 portable would have to boast some pretty unique features to convince folks to not just buy an iPod shuffle. We suppose that was why it gave the little guy an ability dubbed "music therapy." The company hasn't revealed exactly what this feature is, except that it will reduce stress. Maybe it's an extra tag for your ripped tracks, grading each song's potential to create a soothing atmosphere. Or maybe it's preloaded select tracks from of Enya. But knowing manufacturers' propensity for hyping nonincredible stuff, it's more than likely just the volume control. In any case, we probably won't find out until November, when LG plans to release its music therapist, available in 512-MB and 1-GB versions. No pricing as of yet.

Stuff magazine U.K., via Gizmodo