Jam 'n' Shred Pen writes, shreds, and jams

Everybody loves gadget convergence — when a clever manufacturer sticks two or more pre-existing toys together — but this one has me scratching my head a bit. It's called the Jam 'n' Shred pen, and it's a pen with a paper shredder and an… FM radio? I'm not entirely sure what those three things have in common, but apparently someone was clamoring for it, so here it is. Now you can write down secrets you want no one to read and then shred them immediately, all while listening to Hall and Oates. Because you wouldn't want anyone to know you listen to… oh, never mind. In any case, I can't seem to find any pricing info on this, but it's apparently available now in the U.K.

Jam n' Shred Pen, via Shiny Shiny