iLuv makes getting video onto your iPod easy

Having a fancy video iPod isn't all that special unless you actually, you know, watch videos on it. However, converting video to play nice with your iPod is a pain, usually forcing you to stick to the overpriced iTunes Music Store videos if you want to watch something on the go. The iLuv i180 iPod Video Recorder aims to make getting video onto that expensive toy of yours a simpler experience. Looking like your basic iPod dock, the iLuv hooks up to a video source like a TV or camcorder via either composite- or S-video cables and records straight to your iPod — no computer required. There are three different recording speeds, and you can select the bit rate, allowing you to strike a balance between keeping file size down and picture quality for your freshly digitized episodes of How I Met Your Mother. If you record The Daily Show and The Colbert Report daily, the $200 iLuv will probably pay for itself in just a couple of months.

iLuv, via Gizmodo