iBar senses drinks placed on it, won't judge you for loving appletinis

Along the same lines of the amazing human locator comes the iBar (enough with the lowercase i prefix already!), an interactive bar surface that detects and reacts to anything placed on its surface. It's a two part setup: the bar senses things placed on it, and a projector changes what it shows based on that. Slide a glass down the bar, for example, and a trail of light follows it all the way down. If you'd like, you can switch things up and use the projector to put whatever video you'd like on the bar, such as movies or television, although that may be less impressive than the object-sensing technology. The price of the setup isn't available, but you can ask for a price quote on their website. Video of the iBar in action, complete with cheesy dramatic music, after the jump.

iBar, via MoCo Loco