Floating bed pumps up your animal magnetism

Waterbeds are so out of style, and the rotating, cheetah-print, heart-shaped mattress hasn't impressed any ladies in any time period, past or present. This floating bed, however, is pretty much guaranteed to astonish anyone you lure into your bedroom. A big ol' slab of metal, the floating bed can support up to about a ton of weight, so don't worry about it quivering with effort to stay afloat once you plunk yourself down on it, and it's held in place by four cables which prevent it from drifting into the street while you're asleep. While sleeping on a giant magnet doesn't sound all that comfortable or safe, as long as you put about 10 foam mattress pads on top I'm sure you won't even notice. As for safety, it's purportedly kept extra safe by "steel plates and air," although I can't say I'd be all that excited to get my credit cards, tape backups, or genitals too close to it. And of course a bed that floats on its own volition is a tad more expensive than your Sealy Posturepedic, running a cool $1.5 million. Totally worth it.

Universe Architecture, via Oh Gizmo!