Fisheye camera turns grandma's birthday into art

This strange-looking camera is the Lomographic Fisheye Camera #Two. Much like the name suggests, it takes fisheye pictures — photos that "sphereize" their subjects to put more in the frame and make them look sort of 3D. You can also use the "B" setting to leave the shutter open for extended periods of time, letting in all sorts of extra light, which would be good for nighttime shots. There's also a multiple-exposure switch, allowing you to take as many shots as you'd like on the same frame. Art school, ahoy! While crazy, distorted shots are pretty cool, I'm sure you wouldn't want this to be your only camera, as normal, nondistorted pictures are nice to have as well. Fortunately, Lomo isn't charging an arm and a leg for this: only $70, available online now.

Fisheye #Two, via Gizmodo