Eyeball robot likes to watch, we presume

Has the movie version of A Scanner Darkly given you a hankerin' to feel watched all the time? You may want to pick up one of these eyeball robots from Japanese company Systec Akazawa. Muu Socia 3.0, as it seems to be called, is intended to provide some kind of therapeutic value to hospital patients and the elderly, but it's more likely that purpose was the first thing off the top of the designer's head when he was asked, "So what's it good for?" It's hard to glean the Muu's exact abilities from Google-translated Japanese — there seems to be some face and voice recognition involved — but there's no question its greatest power is creeping the hell out of you. Check out this video of the eyePod in action, or have a look-see at Bob the Angry Flower's take on what it would be like to have an eyeball companion. No Beholder jokes, D&D fans.

The Raw Feed, via TechEBlog