CinemaNow movies: download, then burn

Trying to one-up movie downloading service Vongo, rival CinemaNow has just given customers the ability to burn downloaded movies to DVD. Offering over 100 films for your burning pleasure, each download will give users all the menus and features that they would get if they drove their lazy asses to Best Buy to get the DVD themselves. No new releases are available yet, with studios testing the waters with older titles first. We're not sure if the process of signing up, downloading a huge file, and burning it to DVD will seem worth it to customers who are used to the convenience of HBO On Demand and Netflix. The way we see it, this whole pay-to-download thing won't really take off until they get it away from computers at over to TVs — where people want to actually watch the movies. We're holding out for the rumored Netflix set-top box. Now that's gonna be sweet.

CinemaNow, via Engadget