Boom Bag turns your purse, iPod into a boombox

Miss boomboxes? Yeah, being able to share your music with an unwitting public is pretty sweet, but with the advent of iPods and all these teeny-tiny music players meant to be used with headphones, the boombox seems to have gone the way of the Phil Collins' career. Fear not, because design firm Gro has created the Boom Bag, a modern update to the boombox meant to amplify your iPod for all the neighborhood to hear. A fabric bag with a built-in speaker and rechargeable battery, the Boom Bag cradles your iPod like a newborn baby in its soft interior while sending its wails out via the powerful speaker. This thing isn't in production as of yet, as Gro is looking for a sugar daddy to front the money. Once they get the capital they need, look forward to it joining the ranks of annoying mobile speakerphone music listeners on the subway in the war against your personal comfort. Just don't blast Public Enemy in a Bed-Stuy pizzeria, or else. Haven't you seen Do The Right Thing?