Badonkadonk personal tank shows world you don't have anything better to do with your money

Next time you're shopping at Amazon for books and cereal, perhaps you'd like to add this Badonkadonk personal tank to your shopping cart. For a mere $20,000, you get 6 blistering horsepower and enough intimidation to keep those kids off your lawn for good. Pilotable either from within the safe confines of the armored belly or while standing out of the roof hatch, the Badonkadonk is convenient and adaptable. It also comes loaded with a 400-watt sound system, so you can listen to Ride of the Valkyries while you very slowly cruise your neighborhood. Each tank is custom-built when you order it, so you'll be able to add those personal details that will really make it yours, like a cheetah-print seat cover and fuzzy dice to hang from the mirror. Shipping and handling isn't included in the $20k pricetag, and I'm assuming that this 1,100-pound behemoth doesn't qualify for Super Saver Shipping.