2second tent: pitched before it hits the ground

Pitching a tent is a pain, especially after a long day of hiking and being without your precious electricity. Outdoor-goods peddler Quechua has come up with a solution for people who like camping except for all that work and stuff: the 2second tent. As in that's how long it takes to set up. Yes, 2 seconds; simply toss the folded-up tent in the air, and by the time it hits the ground, it's pitched. All you have to do then is attach it to the ground with tent pegs so it doesn't blow away or anything. It doesn't get much easier than that, now does it? The tent also boasts simplicity in coming down, so it may take longer than two seconds to pack up, but you won't be there all day. Available in two- or three-person sizes, the 2second tent is small, light, and transportable, which seems to cover all the bases of a quality tent (other than protecting you from the elements and such). They're available online now and range in price from about $65 to about $83.

Quechua, via Gizmag