Wrist Mosquito Repeller keeps bugs away, maybe

The mosquito: ruiner of barbecues, destroyer of pleasant evenings, scourge of the summer skies. Must we turn to foul-smelling chemicals to stop these vile, bloodsucking invaders? Why, who is that yonder on the horizon? Could it be Hong Kong-based gadget shop Brando, riding in upon a white stallion of hope? And lo, it brings with it a wondrous device from the East, the Wrist Mosquito Repeller. A mere $8.50, it claims to keep mosquitoes and, curiously, dragonflies away when worn. While Brando is a little light on the description, one can only assume the repeller operates on magic and wishes. And possibly ultrasound. Oh, and it has a "red assistance light," which will either scare away the mosquitoes with its powerful beam or merely alert anyone nearby that you're wearing a light on your wrist. While the capabilities of this gadget are dubious at best, we can't help but want to believe this will really keep those little pests away, therefore saving the upcoming SCI FI Tech camping expedition from bloodsucking disaster. For $8.50, it might just be worth a shot.