What people are saying about the Motorola Q

We searched far and wide for reviews and comments about the Motorola Q, the hottest new entry into the smartphone market that's been labeled by some as a "BlackBerry killer." Since you don't have time to read them all, we've compiled the most revealing Q observations from the top online sources. Here's a roundup of what people are saying:

"What really blew us away, however, was the multimedia experience. … The sharpness of the video on the Q was amazing, especially compared to the Treo 700p." , CNet

"For voice quality, the Q is the best Verizon smartphone I've tested. … I ran into occasional bugs, which is not surprising on a Windows Mobile machine. … While the 700p retains the Editors' Choice crown, the Q is an excellent machine." , PC Magazine

"More pocketable than a BlackBerry, and certainly more versatile than one." , Phone Scoop

"You have never seen so spectacular a screen. … Unfortunately, getting anything done on this phone requires more steps than the Empire State Building." , The New York Times

"Phone quality, text and e-mail functionality, Web surfing, and multimedia functions are important to me, and the Motorola Q excels at all of these tasks. However, the Verizon Wireless minimum monthly fee of $80 makes it too expensive." , Geek.com

"The Smartphone of the moment. Motorola finally added top quality phone features to the already good Microsoft Smartphone platform — They got it right." , MobiletechReview

"The Q doesn't do Direct Push e-mail out of the box. If you're going to pay $110 a month for portable e-mail, there are better ways, unless slim and light are your main criteria." , Associated Press

"Unfortunately, while you get hands-free voice calling, a speakerphone, a vibrate mode, and speed dialing, there's no conference calling, a key business feature we've been seeing on the most basic handsets." , infoSync World

"With the BlackBerry, use was intuitive, items well organized and layed out. … If you go with the Q, remember very hot, quite a bit bitchy. Choose your relationship." , Amazon