TuneStage turns your iPod into a wireless remote

The problem with most iPod docks that hook up to your home stereo is that it's a huge pain to control it from afar. Even when it comes with a remote, the remote is generally clunky and it's tough to go through menus on a tiny screen from 20 feet away. Didn't these companies realize that the iPod is already the perfect controller for itself and is remote control sized? Belkin finally did, releasing the TuneStage nano. A Bluetooth system that turns your nano into a remote control, it allows you to listen to all the music on your iPod on your home stereo without having to tether it to a receiver. Simply hook up the Bluetooth receiver, plug the small transmitter into the bottom of your nano, and you're all set to wander up to 30 feet away while streaming music to your stereo. The Bluetooth signal is more than strong enough to send your music without any loss in quality, but make sure to charge up your iPod every once in a while. There are drawbacks to becoming unchained from the stereo, after all. The TuneStage nano is available now for around $180, a version for the bigger 5G iPod should be out later this year for the same price.