Tivoli's iYiYi: sexy iPod speaker dock, extra sass

Tivoli Audio, designer of specialty radios, has thrown its hat into the crowded ring of makers of iPod speaker docks with the sassily named iYiYi. Poking fun at the plethora of products out there that tack a lowercase "i" onto the front of the name to pump up sales, the iYiYi has a handle you'll remember. Besides the name, we can't say it stands out all that much from the competition, although we had a chance to listen to one earlier today, and it does sound quite nice. Featuring a small remote control that can control your iPod's menu functions as well as an AM/FM radio (of course) and an alarm clock that'll wake you up to your favorite tunes, the iYiYi doesn't throw too many bells or whistles at you apart from being able to tune into any radio station's RDS feed — the method some stations use to broadcast information about music and weather that scrolls on the front display — if you're into that sort of thing. It's too bad Tivoli didn't go the extra mile by including a video output for watching your iPod vids and your digital pictures on a TV, but otherwise it does everything you'd want an iPod speaker dock to do, and the dual-ported design should give you ample bass when you need it. iYiYi, it's coming this fall for $300.