Tension Thing: only electric hair you'll ever need

If you really want to creep out any visitors that you happen to ensnare into your home, installing the "Tension Thing" would do the trick just fine. Some kind of combination of Cousin It from The Addams Family and one of those lightning balls you can buy at science museums, the Tension Thing is an art project made by Judith Fegerl with real human hair. What looks like the back of some poor girl's head hanging from a wire is actually a ball with embedded hair, and when it's charged with electricity the hair raises up and pulses with life. Yes, it's just as creepy as it sounds. Luckily, the wonders of the Internet have provided us with video footage of this marvelous hybrid of art and science, which you can check out on Ms. Fegerl's website. As it's an art "installation" and not a gadget, there's only one and we assume it isn't for sale, but if you're that gung ho about having electrified hair hanging from your ceiling, go ahead and shoot her an e-mail.