Suitcase bike: convenient commuting unfolds

If you don't have a car, you're pretty much left with cycling and public transit as your choices for your daily commute. Some people try to do both, riding their bikes to the train station and then taking them on board — to the annoyance of everyone else. The suitcase bicycle, designed by Gosha Galitsky, was conceived to make your bike a welcome commuting companion instead of an inconvenient one. It's lighter than most other bikes, but more importantly it folds up neatly inside a plastic shell to ensure none of your fellow passengers get snagged by a sticking-out wheel or chain. Only the small front wheel stays outside the box, letting you roll it beside you just like a piece of luggage. It doesn't look like you could ride the Tour de France on Galitsky's bike, but that's actually a good thing, since you wouldn't want to get all sweaty on your commute anyway. We wouldn't complain one bit if suitcase bikes started popping up everywhere, although it looks like it's just a concept right now. Still, it beats looking like a dork on a Segway.

Gosha Galitsky portfolio, via Yanko Design