Study: cell use as dangerous as drunk driving

According to a new study by researchers at the University of Utah, people who drive while talking on their cell phones are just as dangerous as drunk drivers, even when they're using a hands-free headset. Don't take it from me, listen to what study co-author Frank Drews has to say: "We found that people are as impaired when they drive and talk on a cell phone as they are when they drive intoxicated at the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08%, which is the minimum level that defines illegal drunken driving in most US states." We're taking bets on how long it will take for the first state to outlaw cell phone use while driving, headset or no headset. And if you think driving while on your cell phone is dangerous, try drunk dialing and driving. Even if you manage to make it home safe somehow, you're still stuck with an awkward social situation to deal with. I guess that just goes to show that drinking, dialing and driving are three things that don't mix in any combination. Be safe this holiday weekend, kids!