Skullcandy headphones: nixing noise, taking calls

We find it a little ironic that Skullcandy would name a pair of headphones with gold-colored earcups the "Proletariat," but with those cool little skulls on the frame, we're guessing not too many bourgeois stuck-ups would wear them anyway. In any case, the class struggles of the world really won't matter to you when have these on, since the $150 Proletariat NC 635 is a noise-canceling model, much like the Bose QuietComfort 3. The active noise-reduction technology (powered by a pair of AAA batteries) ensures you hear nothing but your music, keeping out disturbances like airplane noise, roaring crowds, or that masked guy with a knife right standing behind you. Good thing the Proletariat can jack into your phone so you won't miss anyone who calls to warn you about him. Seriously, will somebody please do something about that guy?

Skullcandy, via Gadget Candy