RFID tracking system: Big Brother goes high-tech

Apparently the nice folks at Ubisense haven't read 1984 lately, because their new RFID Employee Tracking system shows some serious disregard for the warnings laid forth in Orwell's classic novel. The system involves placing RFID radio transmitter tags like the one shown above on all employees in an office, something that could be easily done by inserting them into ID badges, and then tracking where every employee is in real time on a 3-D model. The system can also program surveillance cameras to automatically follow specified people, tracking them as they move and zooming in as necessary. That way our malevolent overlords — er, bosses — can make sure we're all where we're supposed to be. Say, Jeff and Karen have been in that office supply closet for a long time… and why does Davis keep going to the bathroom? The creepiest thing about the idea is that unscrupulous employers could implement the system without people's knowledge or consent. You have been warned….

Ubisense Employee Tracker, via Geekologie