Play your bar's drink market with the Unstabilizer

Bringing all of the fun of playing the stock market to the bar scene, the "Unstabalizer" is a piece of software that changes drink prices based on the current market. As people buy certain drinks the prices go up, and that drags down the prices of other drinks that aren't being bought as much. Therefore if you really want to get yourself a Newcastle but they've been really popular tonight, you may want to convince your friends to buy a lot of Rolling Rocks to lower the Newcastle price so it's more within your range. Seems to us this system would work well only in a large, busy bar with multiple bartenders… your local dive with Joe behind the bar and a few scattered patrons probably wouldn't have the most dynamic drink market around. But for a hectic club, just imagine the possibilities: "Martinis are down 10 points! I'm getting a dozen before they're hot again — who's with me?" … "I put all my beer money in Heineken; now I can't give these mugs away." … "No, I don't want to hear about vodka futures — just give me a shot already!"

The Unstabalizer, via We Make Money Not Art