New JVC receivers capture home theater zeitgeist

It seems like only yesterday home theater aficionados were marveling if a receiver could power more than five speakers at once, and now even the cheapest rig in JVC's new line can pump out 110 watts to seven channels — each. And thanks to digital amplifiers, they deliver that power with style: all the receivers have a slim design that won't take up too much space on your shelf. Other modern perks include a USB audio input for accepting music directly from your PC and connections for both Sirius and XM satellite radio (you still need to subscribe, of course). If you're willing to lay down a little more coin, you'll get higher-end extras like HDMI jacks (which can carry high-def video and sound through a single cable) and built-in hardware that automatically adjusts sound based on your room's acoustics. Nothing too groundbreaking here, but JVC's new recruits provide a good snapshot of what people expect in home theater these days. Prices range from $200 for the meat-and-potatoes RX-D205 to $800 for the pimped-out, 150-watt-smokin', wireless-PC-link-havin' RX-D702.