Mini Mobile Alert: car alarm for your iPod

Subway crime is down in New York City, with one startling exception: theft of personal electronics like cell phones and iPods. And though we don't have stats on hand, we're betting the trend is similar throughout the country. To beef up your defenses against this gadget-stealing epidemic, it helps to know you can turn to a company named Doberman. Simply attach its Mini Mobile Alert to your phone or music player and tie the other end to an anchor (a belt loop, maybe). Then when some cowardly thief tries to grab it, the pull-pin trigger activates the blaring (95-decibel) alarm. 'Cause we all know loud alarms never get activated accidentally, annoying everybody just trying to get a freakin' good night's sleep for once in their lives — right? Anyway, if you promise to be really, really careful with it, the Mini Mobile Alert can be yours for about $10. It's available in pink or blue, although both scream like a girl.

The Furniture in Store, via Shiny Shiny