Laptop action! Dell notebook explodes in Japan

Um, Dell? Could you explain exactly what's going on inside your laptops that could cause them to suddenly blow up, just like the one that exploded earlier today at a conference in Japan? I've always assumed the tiny magic hamsters running around underneath the keyboard were given enough synthesized gummiberry juice that they were never tempted to chew on any wires, but I guess things don't always work as advertised. Apparently no one was hurt, though a reader of the Inquirer snapped a few fuzzy pics of the incident, which was punctuated by plenty of flames spewing from the laptop, and it went on to explode for five minutes. As the reader notes, it's a good thing this didn't happen on a plane, though it would make for a novel defense against, say… a bunch of deadly snakes!

The Inquirer, via Gizmodo